Prof. Dr.  Hassan ZMERLY   MD PhD      

                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     mobile (+39) 335 205656    (+ 0961) 71 300909


Actual Position


     Head of Orthopedics Department  “GVM Care and Research”   

            Maria Cecilia Hospital (S. Damiano Hospital) – Faenza (RA) I    (Tel 0546/671111)


     Professor of Orthopedic   at  Ludes HEI Malta Foundation  - Campus of Lugano ( Switzerland)


            Orthopaedic Consultant at:


             - Casa di Cura Madre Fortunata Toniolo - Bologna   I  (Tel 051/6222008)

            - Ospedale privato Accreditato Villa Erbosa - Bologna I ( Tel 051/6315000)

            - Ambulatorio Torre Lasie “Clinica Mobile” - Imola (BO) I ( Tel 0542/641721)


Educational Background


-High School Diploma (Science Experimental) "Ecole des Peres Carmes" (Tripoli-Lebanon) 1984


-Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at Bologna University on October 19th 1990, grade  110/110 and Honors, With a dissertation “Gamma nail vs Ender nail in the treatment of pertrochanteric fractures” (Supervisor Prof. Mario Campanacci)


-Medical License : 2nd session 1990, grade 110/110, University of Bologna.


-Diplome of Speciality in Orthopedics and Traumatology  at Bologna on July 6th 1995, grade 70/70 and Honors with a dissertation “ Vascular reconstruction in oncologic Orthopedic surgery: The Rizzoli Orthopedic Institut experience”, Supervisor Prof. Mario Campanacci.


- Research Doctorat (PhD degree)  in Oncology at Bologna University on February 22th 1999, with dissertation “ New Protocol of Chemotherapy for the combined treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the extremities” Supervisor Prof. Mario Campanacci.


-Diplome of Emergency at AUSL of Ravenna on May 17th 1995.


-Post-graduate degree course on Podologia at Bologna University in 2000-2001.



-   Study grant awarded from Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institut  for 1 year (from decembre 1995 to decembre 1996).



Enrolled in the Medical Council of Province of Ravenna (I)

Enrolled in the Medical Federal Register of Switzerland

Enrolled in the Medical Council of North Lebanon



Professional Experience


-Since 1996 Orthopedics Consultant at  Hospital  “Villa Erbosa” Bologna  ( Head Prof F. Pellacci)

-Since 2001 Orthopedics Consultant at “S. Pier Damiano Hospital” Faenza (RA) I


- Since  2010   Head ( Co-Responsabile) of  Orthopedics, Maria Cecilia Hospital- Presidio S. Damiano Hospital  Faenza ( RA) I


-Since 2015 Orhopaedics Consultant at Casa di Cura “ Madre Fortunata Toniolo” – Bologna I




- He performed  about 12.000  surgical  operations.


Scientific Activities


 Professor of Orthopedics  at Ludes University-Lugano Switzerland since 14/07/2016


-He is Autor/co-author of  101 scientific articles in abstract, book, national and international journal.

   (630 citation on Scholar Google)

-Scientific Revisor of Journal “ Minerva Ortopedica” 2015-2016 ( Donegal Project)


- Scientific Director of  posturology center  “ Postural for Life” a Potenza since 05/05/2008 

- Health Director of  the Center of Physiotherapy and Orthopedics  "Fisionova" Alfonsine (RA) since  01/06/97   


-He attended as  speaker over 100 Italian and international Meetings.

-He attended over 500 Italian and international Meetings.


-Scientific Secreteriat of  10 course and congress


     Languange Skill: Arabic, Italian, English, French




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